Esalen Massage

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Esalen Massage is based on a philosophy of spiritual and physical union and the desire to heighten awareness of the body.  Esalen Massage is inspired by the rhythmic and sweeping movement of the waves of the sea.

Many of the strokes are similar to the fluid movements found in traditional Swedish massage.  The signature moves of Esalen massage are longer, soothing, more flowing strokes that travel from head to foot intended to connect the client to their body by shaping and sculpting every part of the body by raising awareness and deepening the contact.  There are also elements of deep tissue massage and some passive stretching incorporated into the sessions all united by the soothing consistent maneuvers that characterize natural feel to them.

One of the fundamental pillars of Esalen massage is the quality of contact, the experience of conscious touch.  The intent is to move the energy in the client so it becomes a healing dance.  Our therapist Sonia conveys various rhythms for the mind to let go of its rigidity, muscle tension is released and joints become more flexible.  This is where the breathing becomes increasingly deep and the energy begins to flow throughout the body.

Sonia’s invitation with this type of massage is to help connect the client with that space of stillness and silence, where the mind can rest the heart.  This is where healing occurs and health is restored to mind, body and spirit.  The state of deep inner harmony.

Arnica Massage Oil is used for Esalen Massage.


***There is no time limit for Esalen Massage.  It can be anywhere from         90 minutes up to 2 hours depending on the rhythm and the connection.  

This type of touch helps Sonia get into deep communication with the client.