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Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for individuals to explore wellness, embrace curiosity, and live fearlessly.
About Abhaya Wellness Treatment Center in NC
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Abhaya Wellness

Abhaya Wellness is a clinically owned and operated psychotherapy office that believes in supporting and creating systems of care for individuals, groups, families, and couples on their path of wellness. Our system is built by, and around, our highly skilled and diverse clinical team which keeps our quality of care at the center of everything we do.

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Our Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy

Abhaya Wellness takes a mindfulness-oriented eclectic approach to the therapeutic process that combines elements of mindfulness practices with various other therapeutic modalities. This approach seeks to create a tailored treatment process that addresses the unique needs of each individual and allows the integration of different effective interventions.

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We believe that fear and uncertainty are normal and healthy experiences. It is our belief that through self-exploration and contemplative support each individual can begin to understand their fear more fully.


We believe that the wisdom to heal is already inherent within each individual. Our work together will help you uncover and engage with that wisdom.


We believe that all our paths are intertwined and that in order to heal one must have compassion and empathy. We encourage a fearless exploration of differing perspectives as a way to gain deeper insight into the self.


We believe that everyone needs a place of refuge to do the work of healing. We aim to provide that during our work together, but also to help you find ways to create a sanctuary for yourself wherever you are.


Intensive Outpatient Therapy in NC
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Gender-Responsive Mindfulness-Based Intensive Outpatient Program

Abhaya Wellness offers a program designed to help individuals of all genders who are struggling with mental health concerns or addiction issues by providing a safe and supportive environment to develop mindfulness skills, address underlying trauma, and promote long-term recovery.
Individual Psychotherapy
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Individual Psychotherapy

Abhaya Wellness defines psychotherapy as a professional relationship that provides a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to explore barriers to living a more complete and full life. We believe that a strong therapeutic alliance is critical and building mutual trust is foundational to our approach.

Individual Psychotherapy
Group Psychotherapy in NC
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Group Psychotherapy

At Abhaya Wellness we believe in the power of interconnection with others leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Substance use and mental health struggles are isolating and painful. Individuals often feel the need or desire to separate from others typically because of fear or shame. Group offers a platform to begin to explore what it is like to be in relationship with others even when our world feels “messy.”

Family & Couples Therapy
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Family and Couples Therapy

At Abhaya Wellness, we understand that families also need a place to heal.

The complexities of substance use and mental health disorders do more than wreak havoc on relationships. They have the power to damage and ultimately divide families. When problems surface and intensify, family members are looking for way to “support” but nothing seems to “work”.

Family & Couples Therapy
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Substance Use Recovery Services

Abhaya Wellness believes in building mindfulness-inspired recovery systems that incorporate mindfulness practices and principles into all aspects of care for individuals with substance use disorders or other addictive behaviors. We currently offer these services at the outpatient level of care (up to 8hrs of services per week).